New York City Bar Association members who own their practices can enjoy the advantages of dependable, reliable business insurance protection provided by Mercer Consumer, the world's premier provider of insurance for businesses large and small.

For decades legal professionals have depended on Mercer Consumer to safeguard their practices and lower their cost of risk. As a PersonalPlans Advisor member, you can enjoy the freedom to devote your attention to your clients by taking advantage of these insurance services:

BUSINESS OWNERS POLICY (BOP) - This is your risk-management solution that protects your personal and business assets, whether you own your building or rent space. Your practice also is covered if you are sued for incidents such as slip-and-fall accidents. The Business Owners Policy often provides more complete coverage at a lower price than if you were to insure with separate policies.

For more information about the City Bar's business owner's advantages, please call Mercer Consumer at 888-882-2269.


You can request a business insurance quote:

  • By Phone: (888) 882-2269
  • Online
  • By Mail/Fax

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